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Liquids Gases

Experiment with a Soap Boat and collapse cans effortlessly. Test your knowledge of liquids and gases using Science First®'s Soap Boat #611-1295 and Collapsing Can #611-2335.

Build a River

Build rivers, lakes and deltas without getting your feet wet! Use Science First®'s Stream Table #651-6215.

Solar System

Ever fully understand why we have a change of seasons? We will show you! Teach your classroom about the mysteries of the heavens using Science First®'s Trippensee's #653-3040, #653-3020, #653-3030, #653-3010, #653-3021.

Harness the Weather

Using the power of our sun, we conduct some fun experiments. Have your own fun under the sun using Science First®'s Solar Furnace #612-0003.

Homemade Lightning

These experiments will make your hair stand up! Make your own lightening - raise hair - using Science First®'s Van De Graaff Generators #615-3130, #615-3100, #615-3145, #615-3140.

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