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Welcome to Science First®.

Welcome to Science First®.

Science First® LLC is a manufacturer of science education equipment, environmental sampling equipment and portable planetariums.  We were founded in 1960 by a college physics instructor, Frank Lee, who is the grandfather of the current president, Aaron Bell. Mr. Lee designed products he would have wanted to use in his own classes, focusing on teaching value, sturdy construction and hands-on applications.

In 1983 the company was sold to Frank's daughter, Nancy, and her husband, Ray Bell, upon Frank's decision to retire. Once freed up to focus on inventing new products, however, Frank continued to come to work - sometimes without pay - until nearly eighty. It was a true "family affair" - at one time Frank, Nancy and Ray and all four of their children worked under one roof.

In 2009, after 50 yrs in Buffalo, the company moved to Northeast Florida into a Science Firstnew facility near Amelia Island, north of Jacksonville, in one of the most beautiful sections of Florida (or so we believe).

Over the years the company has made several acquisitions which has helped diversify their product line and grow their business. All are niche businesses which require flexibility in manufacturing methods and good customer service.

The acquisitions include:

  • Wildlife Supply Company®, purchased in 2000, a manufacturer of water sampling equipment which sells to universities and government agencies and has had a stellar reputation since its founding in 1938.
  • Starlab® (Learning Technologies), purchased in 2008. The Starlab is a portable planetarium that sells to school districts, museums and science centers and provides an amazing immersive experience that can be set up in minutes in gym or cafeteria.
  • The Science Source, purchased in August, 2014, a manufacturer of science education equipment similar in many ways to Science First's core business.

Like many small businesses, Science First® LLC knows that its customers are its reason for existence. We appreciate hearing from the people who use our products and are honored by their loyalty. Without the science teachers, scientists, parents and scout leaders - for example - who buy our products, we believe our country would not be what it is today.

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